About Team 3734

Imperial Robotics Team 3734


We are FTC team 3734, A.K.A. Imperial Robotics located at the School of Science and Engineering in Dallas, TX. Our mission is to spread robotics in the world so that people learn how fun and engaging the robotics competitions of FIRST are. This year, we hope to participate in several community service projects and build a robot using the help of the community. We want to bring everyone together to create something that is truly revolutionary.


Karim Virani

Karim Virani Photo

Karim Virani is Director of Technology at Big Thought, a non-profit, where he builds collaborative systems and tools to increase the availability and impact of educational opportunities for K-12 students in North Texas. In his spare time he has mentored Imperial Robotics for the last 4 years and coached Iron Reign for the last 8. He's been a robotics hobbyist for 20 years and was one of the founding members of the Dallas Makerspace.

Team Members:

Michael Sharp

Hi, I'm Michael and I go to the School of Science and Engineering at Townview. I'm in 12th grade and my job on the team is 3D modeling. I joined Robotics because I simply thought it would be an interesting experience.

Rohit Shankar


I am a programmer for imperial robotics. I am currently a sophomore at the School of Science and Engineering at Townview Magnet Center. This is my third year competing in The First Tech Challenge. I joined imperial robotics in Freshmen year to learn about computer science and how machines work.

Maximo Mateo

Hello! My name is Maximo Mateo.I'm currently a Junior at the School Of Science and Engineering at Townview Magnet Center.This is my first year in robotics. I joined robotics so I could apply my knowledge in Physics and Computer Science to robotics. I also joined robotics so I could experience teamwork, programming, and building. Learning these things in robotics can be useful in the future because we're dealing with real-life situations.Such as Robots!!!

Robin Delgado

coming soon...

Britney Ramirez

Hello, my name is Britney Ramirez, and I am currently a sophomore at the School of Science and Engineering. On this team, I work together with my group on building the robot. I joined robotics because I wanted to get experience on working with physics and math and applying it to real-world usage.

Christian "Shaggy" SaldaƱa

Hello, I'm Christian Saldana and I am sophomore at the School of Science and Engineering. I am given certain task on the robot by the captain and get the help of others if needed. Sometimes its to build a part or attatch parts. I came to robotics in hope of gaining experience towards becoming an engineer in the future.