Day 1 in the Sprint!


Our team had the first meeting of the week today. We primarily focussed on the presentation and correcting a critical base imperfection today. However, there was something to do before we could start working on the bot.

Wow! Our team really is committed. Data is blurred to protect team members.

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Our team utilized Doodle to create a schedule for the folowwing week. We wanted to ensure that our team was truely committed to making it to the February 4th qualifier. The red squares indicate that the team member couldn't attend that day; the yellow squares indicate that the team member can't physically be there but they can work from online; the green squares mean that the team member will be present that day. By doing analysis on this data, we were able to determine the effiency that our team would have on that day. Once we finished this process, we proceeded to first strip all the parts off the bot.

Wow! The front looks so pretty with the colorful car wash! #omgrobots

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Man, stripping the robot to its bare parts is difficult!

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Gotta fix the pidgeon wheels!

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As seen from the image above, we fixed an issue of pidgeoned wheels. This meant that the wheels were bent inwards and resulted in our turning to not be proper. We realized that this was because there was no support to connect the entire robot. This meant that the bot was slowly bending inwards due to the weight without support. We fixed this by placing an L block along the middle of the bot therefore connecting the whole bot. Then we replaced all the parts back on the bot.

Working on the presentation!

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Meanwhile, half of our team was focussed on the presentation. We realized that our presentation had many flaws in it. We decided to fix this by first researching each FTC award and seeing which ones we were capable of winning. After doing so, we created a google doc as seen above. Here, we created a list of what we would need to discuss about the bot. Our presentation was all about telling the story about our team. Previosly, we lacked this. We fixed this issue. Overall, it has been a great first day.

Written by: Abhi Bhattaru